The Bakehouse Market

Here is our story.

Welcome!  We have been involved with our family's wholesale bakery, Father Sam's Bakery, since it was created in 1977.  The original product baked, was our large white pocket/pita bread.  This was developed from our family's bread recipe that has been passed down for many generations.  It is more substantial and moist than any other pocket/pita bread you will find anywhere in the country. As we developed and grew our business we added many flavors of pocket/pita breads as well as many sizes and flavors of flour tortilla shells.

Our family has always focused on providing the best quality products for everyone to enjoy.  So, we have decided to create an easy way for individuals and businesses to purchase our family bakery's products, directly through our website.  

We look forward to providing only the best products to you and will continue to create and add other products for you to enjoy.  Visit often and keep track of what we are up to!

The Sam Family
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